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Soku, the principle of transformation
establishing a clear link between past and present,
between what was and what will be.

Sokuway want to follow this principle and help the growth and the transformation of companies in the communication process. Realize and exploit the potential.
We are a close-knit team of creative designers and developers working together to create beautiful, engaging digital experiences.

Our experience

Web development - 9 years
WordPress - 5 years
Marketing & PR - 3 years
SMM & SEO - 2 years

Our services

Web development

We create the website at your image in the likeness highlighting your strengths and using technology for responsive permmetterti be visible on computers, tablets and smartphones.


Our specialized service goes from the Studio of your corporate image, the creation of the logo.
You are already beautiful, but people know it? Highlight your strengths making yourself visible and creating an attractive image can excite the web user to do to become a customer.

SEO & Marketing

Making a good website is the first step to introduce your restaurant to the public network, but it is especially crucial that your site is in the right place, that is in the top results of search engines with relevant keywords.

Our specialisation

Soku Way is formed by freelances specialized in communication and marketing that develops communication projects and targeted marketing and business development professional, both in the public and private sectors.



We deal with photography and post-production of images to put in the spotlight your business


The importance of content displayed with the right words to excite the reader

Marketing & PR

Be there now among the top sponsored results of google with your customized campaign. Also on Social Networks

Web design

Responsive, Mobile Friendly, Graphic ad hoc, self content, optimizing pages for search engines.


Because behind it all there is a good functioning


SEO: being seen by the search engine to finish in the top positions in the results, using keyword and content RELEVANT

Products and services

Your world in a click. Feel the difference. We only use the Apple operating system so we use various techniques to impress with high-definition images. Whatever your idea of a building kit of the product we have
the right idea for you. The phenomenon of the packaging of objects and products has taken values and roles that go beyond the simple needs of today. The packaging has become a key component in the presentation and in the aesthetics of the product thus entrusting to design experts, throughout the study of corporate image.

Your Identity

In today’s businesses need, given the difficult times, we can be able to emerge and create customer loyalty or to be able to reach new ones, to be able to make room in an increasingly competitive world.

The company needs therefore, to have an identity or if you own it, to be able to renew.

In creating a logo technique plays a key role along with the lettering are the basis of branding

Corporate Identity

The image becomes coordinated when different communicative phenomena are consistent with each other. This consistency traditionally refers to elements of visual communication such as, for example, logos, colors, typefaces, layout and graphic presentation of documents, setting of commercial communications and promotion. The image coordinate is then the means by which the resulting image is perceived outside as coming from the same entity


A study of a logo or a study of image for a company or for a specific event can be accompanied by a study of lettering (a text-based play on images and graphics) creating a precise pattern.From lettering you can create logos, shapes, and entire communications any form of printed work, from a business card card to a billboard. Lettering is one of the more important graphic details that can be a requested by the client.

Still not sure?

Look who decided to trust us. Your idea needs a wonderful website
Find out with us as it is surprisingly easy to create a website, a blog or an online store only.


The Rock n Roll Kamikazes

Rock n Roll Band, Gigs Calendar, E-commerce, Audio and Video Streaming. For this customer we made a complete work starting from the studio of needs: e-commerce to sell merchandising, total and automatic interactions with social network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud. Gigs calendar and Blog

Top Floor

Apartment Rent, Interior Design, Photo Shooting, Logo. For this customer we made a complete work starting from the interior design till the logo, business cards, photo shooting and post production of pics, social network, SEO, web design, video

Restaurant La Lampara

Restaurant, Interior Design, Photo Shooting, Logo. For this customer we made a complete work starting from the interior design till the logo, business cards, menus, photo shooting and post production of pics, social network, SEO, web design

The important thing is to stand out from the crowd

Knowing how to communicate effectively is an art